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I have been having a bit of a mental block lately, so that's why I haven't blogged. I asked for some inspiration on my Facebook page and got some great ideas for future blog posts. Stay tuned for posts that will give you a little behind the scenes look into being a photographer. I want to share what it takes for me to create the images you get!

In the meantime, I did get a little inspiration today when I opened my front door and discovered three giant boxes waiting for me. This was my first canvas order for a client, so I was super pumped to see them.

I was not disappointed. I cannot say how much I love these canvases! I had heard from fellow photographers how beautiful a gallery wrapped canvas could be but I had no idea until I saw it for myself how right they were. They are high quality, sturdy and just make the photos look so darn pretty!

L-R: 20x30, 16x24, 11x14 gallery wrapped canvases

A close-up look at the black edge. You have the option of a black or white edge, or having the image wrap around the 1.5 inch frame.

The best thing about a canvas is that its meant to really show off the photo. They literally pop off the wall, so they add a dimension that you don't get from a simple frame.

This canvas order was a great way for me to demonstrate the importance of getting the right size print as well, and not just as a canvas. When ordering wall prints of any kind, and frames, you have to consider the space you will be displaying them in. My living room is the perfect example. I hung each of the canvases over my couch to see what kind of impact they would have. My living room has very high ceilings, so it's a no-brainer that the 20x30 fit best. But even that one didn't really fill the space as much as I'd like. I really think I need to get at least three canvases that can be displayed together as a collage to make the biggest impact.

Ok, I'll stop sounding like a salesperson now. I just had to rave about them, because I wouldn't sell something to my clients that I didn't love or want to put on my own wall. And I actually ordered one for myself as a sample that I do have hanging on my wall.

My very own gallery wrapped canvas!

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