What makes a great photo and some of the best of me

If you have never been in my home studio (which is also my basement rec room. Talk about making the most of a small space! lol), you wouldn't know that my computer desk is in the corner, and to my left is my display wall. That big wall is where I showcase some of my favourite shots from past photo sessions. It started off pretty small and has grown to be a big source of inspiration for me. I've had the pleasure of shooting some pretty awesome families, and I'm proud to display their photos in my studio.

The most important thing about a great photo is not the composition, the camera settings or the editing. The most important thing is how it makes you feel. I don't present any photos to my clients that I don't feel proud of, but there are some shots that just give me such a good feeling that I have to show them off. So, on that note, here are those shots. Of course my display wall is ever-changing, and with each session I have new favourites so this is in no way the "best" of my work; it's just a sample :)

This is one of the oldest shots on my wall. It was one of my first sessions after starting my business, and to this day I love it. This little guy was hard to pin down. At a year old he was walking and curious about everything around him. But I managed to catch this soft, sweet moment, and I love it.

This is one of those lucky shots that you don't get often. I had the idea in my head, but had no idea if I could pull it off. I'm so happy with the result because it's so much fun!
I'm always looking for moments in between posed shots, and this is one of those moments. Mom and her little guy were walking away, heading towards the playground and I snapped this shot that I am in love with.

Sometimes a simple pose like this says a lot. When you've got a beautiful backdrop, the sun shining through the trees on a gorgeous September day, you don't have to set up much.
This is one of my favourite shots from my first solo wedding. It was my cousin's wedding and she and her new husband were amazing models. It's easy to get photos like this when a couple is so in love :)
This is another amazing mother-son moment. I just love the happiness on both of their faces!
When you have an adorable model, it's so easy to get great shots like this one. I'm always trying to get kids to laugh so I can see that genuine grin on their face. So much fun!

You may have seen this photo around (like on my website, on posters around town etc). This has to be one of my all-time favourite photos that I've taken. I love the angle, the focus, the catchlights in that sweet little girls' big brown eyes. Actually, this whole session was awesome because this sweetie sat and smiled at me the whole time. If only all kids would do that! Ha ha!

So I guess it seems like I have a thing for mommy-son shots. Here's another one that I absolutely adore. I shot my husband's cousin and her little boy while I was visiting Newfoundland last fall. I just love the colours and details that make this moment so special.

This shot was taken at one of my favourite locations. There is so much you can do with a great backdrop like this! All the leaves, the trees and an adorable little girl make it the perfect picture.

I have done only two maternity sessions, and I have to say it is one of my favourite kinds of session to do. This one was extra special because we got to do indoor and outdoor shots. I love this one because mommy is just glowing! That's something you definitely don't have to edit!
And of course I have to have a photo of my own little girl on my wall. This shot was actually a test shot using my new backdrop. I love it because it really shows her personality. I have this one framed as an 8x12 because if I had printing an 8x10 I would have lost some of the shot through the crop. I use it to show how important it is to consider cropping when you order prints

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  1. Just wanna say WOW!! that wedding picture with the cracked earth is freakin' AMAZING!


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